Happy Friday! I cannot believe that January is almost over and I am eager to see what Punxsutawney Phil will have to say on February the 2nd. I am thinking that Spring is going to arrive soon just by looking outside but I do hope that I am right because I am looking forward to being out again without having to worry how cold it is.

Anyway today is Friday and here is my entry for Friday5:

What are your favorite storage containers like?
* Just a plain thick reliable plastic container!

What seems to require more time and energy to store than it’s worth?
* Old clothing and junk.

What unusual container are you storing something in?
* Not me, but this big dotted box filled with sports cards!

What packaged product has a container you really like?
*I don’t know if I really have something that I like.

If you suddenly had some new storage space in your home, what would likely go there?
* I don’t know .. Probably boxes of documents that I have been itching to store somewhere!
Enjoy your weekend and have fun ^-^

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